Design Portfolio

Explore some of our client sites.

Marisa Silver

Author Marisa Silver's web site contains a custom header, Flash slideshow and book page flipper, and rollover navigation effects. Scanning services were provided for the book covers and excerpt pages, and direct links to multiple booksellers were created.

Hilary Achauer

This Wordpress-based site provides a client-updatable framework for freelance writer Hilary Achauer's portfolio and professional information. The layout and graphical elements were designed to complement the client's existing business cards.

Amy Wilentz

The site designed for author Amy Wilentz incorporates a navigational frame created from custom photographs, a Flash-based book page flipper for excerpts, and a Wordpress database to serve archived articles. Scanning services were provided for the book covers and excerpt pages, and direct links to multiple booksellers were created.

Jane Birdsell

Inspired by Matisse's paper collage known as “The Snail”, this single-page site acts as an online book proposal supplement for author Jane Birdsell.

Judy Chicago & the California Girls

Looking to get the word out to university programs in art history and women's studies, filmmaker and writer Judith Dancoff commissioned a site about her groundbreaking 1971 documentary "Judy Chicago & the California Girls." Visitors can purchase copies of the film, view streaming video clips, and get more information about the people involved in the project.

Wednesdays in Mississippi

The documentary film project "Wednesdays in Mississippi" has its home here, with information about the story, the filmmakers, and support for the process. Custom photography and image manipulation was done to create a layout that conveyed the feel of the film and its subject matter.

Grasshopper Street

Grasshopperstreet.com is an example of a full ecommerce site selling handcrafted gemstone jewelry. The logo and all the photographs were custom-made, and a fully customized template was created for the Zen Cart software that runs the product database.


The LA-based rock band Artichoke has a site with streaming music, lots of photographs, and a simple PayPal shopping cart setup. Wordpress was employed as a content management system so that the client could make updates as needed. Additional domains were used to showcase specific albums, such as 26 Scientists Volume One Anning-Malthus and Never mind the bollocks here's the Sex Pistols by Artichoke.

Venus de Mille

Venus de Mille is a burlesque performer in Los Angeles. The client provided all the art and photographs, and the layout was created to match her design concept.

Good Fortune With Pamela

Good Fortune With Pamela was built to showcase the talents and services of the client. Many custom graphics and frames were created to give the site an Art Nouveau feel.


The HipHoops site features a simple store, a client-updateable calendar, and several informational pages. The page header logo was custom-created by us to feature the company's products.

Law Offices of Matthew L. Taylor

A site that provides information about the Law Offices and their services, along with useful client resources.

Allison Achauer

A personal portfolio of the designer Allison Achauer's photography work. SlideShowPro was used to display the images, and each slide show can be easily modified and added to through a web-based administrative interface.

Timothy Sellers

An online gallery of artist Timothy Sellers' paintings, photographs, and drawings. The simple, CSS-based presentation uses only one page, is quick-loading, and allows for easy expansion as the body of work grows.